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The course lessons will teach you essential Russian grammar and vocabulary words and phrases you really want to use in a variety of situations

About Russian Lessons - Об уроках русского

Russian Language Lessons via Skype - Learn Russian online

Уроки русского языка онлайн - Учить русский с репетитором - тьютором по скайпу

As a native Russian tutor I can say that one thing a beginner has to know is that sometimes you must not use the Russian предлог (predlog) with - "с" - in translating the English preposition with.
This is particularly true when indicating the "means by which" you do something.
This is the pure instrumental meaning of the instrumental case:

Русские обычно едят торт ложкой.


Russians usually eat cake with a spoon.

Lessons of Russian tutorial - Москва - Ищу репетитора по английскому, русскому языку

Чем ты пишешь? Карандашом?
— Нет, ручкой.

"What are you writing with? A pencil?"
"No, a pen."

Саша ударил Ваню кулаком.


Sasha hit Vanya with his fist.

Russian lessons via skype.  If you wish to improve your listening and speaking skills in Russian language, I am glad to help you.In those three examples it would be wrong in Russian to include "с".

Репетитор по русскому языку как иностранному или Private lessons of Russian for foreigners.

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Russian courses, lessons and tuition in London on-line by Skype. Try three or two sessions to learn some polite and simple Russian phrases and get a bit of Russian cultural coaching.

Русский язык для иностранцев с преподавателем Московского Государственного Лингвистического Университета.

Русский язык как иностранный - РКИ - Русский как иностранный - Russian Language For Foreigners with a teacher of MSLU

Russian for Dating - Russian for Adoptive Parents - Russian language for BeginnersI hope you will be brought into contact with me through your interest in the Russian Language and Russian on-line lessons via Skype.

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